Party walls and neighbourly issues

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is important for all owners and occupiers of property where building work is about to be carried out. The legislation places obligations and potential expense on the owner who wishes to carry out the work, but also protects the rights of owners and occupiers on both sides of the boundary.

If you are intending to carry out building work you may be required by law to serve notice on adjoining owners. Such notices (“Party Wall Notices”) indicate the nature of the work that is to be carried out and notify the adjoining owners of their rights. In addition to Party Wall issues, any new construction may be subject to other statutory approvals such as scaffold and hoarding licences, crane oversailing licences or Rights of light (ROL) and Daylighting, Sunlighting and Overshadowing (DSO) concerns.

Ensuring that neighbourly issues are addressed professionally and accurately will minimise any unnecessary costs or delays to a project. Jones Hargreaves are happy to provide early advice to our clients at the feasibility stage of any project or to adjoining owners who may have been served a notice and require further professional advice and assistance.

  • Strategic advice and site reviews
  • Acting as Building Owner’s Surveyor
  • Acting as Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor
  • Acting as Third Surveyor
  • Addressing crane oversailing licences
  • Addressing scaffold and access licences
  • Boundary dispute advice
  • Access to Neighbouring Lands Act
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Monitoring and due diligence